Recreation and Event Facility Fabric Buildings

The recreational and event industry is booming! And so is tension fabric buildings for their use. Western Specialty Structure buildings have been utilized all over the country as indoor practice facilities, high school gymnasium's, training facilities, indoor tennis courts, equipment storage and indoor driving ranges. From arena football to track and field, tension fabric structures are a great choice for athletic events.

Bad weather should not stop your team from practicing or your golf facility from offering their driving range to their members. Western Specialty Structures can provide a pre-engineered, tension fabric building to meet most any need in an economical manner. The interior environment of a tension fabric building is excellent for athletes by providing natural light, climate control and superior ventilation. WSS can customize a tensioned fabric athletic facility to provide a secure environment for indoor athletic events. We can design each athletic facility to meet the local building regulations including the wind and snow loads.

Other advantages include the natural light a tension fabric building allows to flow in during the daylight hours. This reduces the need for artificial lights and high electrical bills. Should the customer choose to fully insulate their structure, year round comfort can be enjoyed. Both spectators and athletes will appreciate the sound absorbing qualities of a tensioned fabric building. The clear span interior offers both competitor and spectator unobstructed views. Our buildings can be designed to fit most any footprint or lot. Many organizations have personalize their facilities by choosing colored fabric to complement their club or team. Western Specialty Structures can also help you choose options to blend in with existing buildings. Our in-house team can engineer and design your tension fabric structure to suit your individual needs.

Western Specialty Structures has professional crews who can erect your tension fabric building in typically a third of the time it takes to complete a conventional building. This saves considerable installation cost to the customer. Should your building be required to be relocated, we can handle that too. Our crews are experts in dissembling, transporting and reassembling tension fabric buildings.

Give Western Specialty Structures a call. Our team is standing by to help you create your own unique sports complex that will provide a superior indoor environment for your athletic events

About WSS

Western Specialty Structures is a top rated fabric building manufacturer.

All our fabric buildings are manufactured in house, and installed under strict engineering guidelines.