Municipal Fabric Buildings

Western Specialty Structures can provide the ideal building for your municipal or industrial needs. With extensive experience in salt and sand storage, warehousing equipment storage or waste management, WSS is here to customize a fabric structure to meet your needs.

A tensioned  fabric structure from Western Specialty Structures is a perfect choice as a municipal building. Tension fabric structures provide the ideal building for ample clearance both at the sidewalls and peak for efficient ease of operation of equipment.

A building from Western Specialty Structures is also cost efficient. Our tension fabric buildings lower operation costs due to the natural light it provides during the daylight hours thus reducing the need for artificial lights and lowing electrical bills. A tensioned fabric structure from WSS also provides a protected, centralized warehousing environment. Another advantage is the sound absorbing fabric which provides a peaceful environment for employees. Our sturdy steel trusses are hot dipped galvanized. This makes them rust and corrosion resistant which in turn makes an ideal solution for salt and other material that are harmful to steel. Tension fabric structures tend to reduce energy costs by being 10° warmer in the winter and 20° cooler in the summer then conventional steel buildings.

Our in-house team is here to customize and help you design a structure to meet your needs. Since we manufacture our own trusses, we can customize your structure to fit any dimension, roof pitch, and peak height. The clear span design provides ample clearance to allow safe equipment operation throughout the interior without wasted space. Customize tall peaks can allow trucks to tip and maneuver inside without interference. Other options can include various side walls, windows, doors and ventilation. Choices of foundations can include cement block, helical anchors and connex containers.

Western Specialty Structures has several professional crews that will erect your building in typically a third of the time it takes to build a conventional steel building. This saves the customer considerable expense. Although our buildings are engineered to be solid permanent structures, if the need arises to relocate - WSS has you covered. Our capable crews are experienced in dissembling, transporting and reassembling tension fabric buildings. This makes a great option in the municipal industry as needs and requirements change with time.

Give Western Specialty Structures a call. We are experienced and eager to guide you through the process of obtaining your customized tension fabric building.

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