Fabric Building Features and Benefits

Western Specialty Structures has chosen to represent only the premier manufacturers of high-quality, steel-truss, fabric membrane buildings. These innovative structures, whether referred to as pre-engineered, fabric membrane, fabric tension or fabric covered, offer a long list of unique features and benefits.

Clear-span Construction - Maximum Usable Space

  • High-strength steel truss design allows for an unobstructed and spacious interior. Building widths range from 20' to 200' to ensure there will be a pre-engineered fabric building to meet your needs.
  • Movement of equipment and product is easy with no interior columns to get in the way.

Natural Light, Energy Efficient and Acoustically Superior

  • The translucent quality of the fabric cover provides for natural light, which results in reduced energy usage and also creates a pleasing interior environment for animals, plants or humans.
  • Utility bills should be further reduced as the fabric's conductive properties provide a controlled environment that allows the building to be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
  • Sound-absorbing fabric provides reduced outside noise and avoids the echoing effects found in metal buildings while allowing voices to remain crisp and clear.

Adaptable and Versatile

  • Designed in a variety of widths, lengths, profiles and colors; tension fabric buildings can change as your company changes. Your tension fabric structure can grow along with your business through the ease of additions.
  • Quick to install and easy to relocate, fabric covered buildings can offer the answer to a temporary or short-term need.
  • Foundation options range from helical anchors to slabs and stem walls; piers of concrete, steel or wood; to pre-cast concrete blocks to shipping containers.
  • It is easy to add accessories from doors and windows to lighting and heating.

Quality and Durability

  • All product lines offer are designed for strength and durability and are constructed with highest-quality materials.
  • Whether used in harsh weather or to store harsh products, our buildings are designed to resist corrosion and stand up to the environment.
  • Fabric covered buildings are virtually maintenance free and require minimal cleaning.
  • Both steel and fabric components come with a manufacturer's warranty supported by our strong customer service.

About WSS

Western Specialty Structures is a top rated fabric building manufacturer.

All our fabric buildings are manufactured in house, and installed under strict engineering guidelines.