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The owner and founder of Western Specialty Structures, Dee Pickett, is a former world champion all-around cowboy and team roper. In the late 1990s, he was offered a sponsorship which included a tension fabric riding arena. Dee and his friends erected the arena and pulled that first cover on horseback! He went on to discover firsthand the benefits of a tension fabric structure. Dee became a believer of tensioned fabric buildings and hasn't looked back! He has over 20 years personal expertise when he tells his customers that they can continue to train, teach or show year round while in a tension fabric building provided by Western Specialty Structures.  

Dee personally experienced several advantages to a tension fabric structure over a conventional arena. First, the obvious advantage was the ability to let natural light flow in thus eliminating the need for artificial lighting and high electrical bills. Riding activities can now occur year round. Tension fabric structures from Western Specialty Structures typically allow the indoor environment to be 10° warmer in the winter and 20 degrees cooler in the summer.

Other advantages is the clear span design which eliminates the need for center posts. This design takes advantage of the entire indoor space. This makes for ample room for all equestrian activities whether it be roping, cutting or training. Western Specialty Structures riding arenas also feature natural ventilation which can help improve the air-quality and cut down on dust. Tensioned fabric structures also provide excellent sound absorption making it a pleasant riding environment for both horse and rider.

The team at WSS can engineer a building to meet the area wind and snow loads. Each customized building can be designed to fit on the customer's existing lot. With the various options available, Western Specialty Structures can customize riding arena's to blend in with existing buildings. We can do this through the use of steel, wood or color of fabric. Each custom building can be equipped with optional rollup side curtains or overhead doors depending on the customers needs.

Although a tension fabric structure by Western Specialty Structures is built to be a solid, permanent building, it can be easily relocated. The professional crews at WSS have vast experience at erecting and relocating tension fabric structures if necessary.

Year round training is invaluable whether you are the professional rodeo rider, equestrian trainer or just own horses for a hobby. Let the expert team at Western Specialty Structures help design your ideal riding arena.

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