Fabric Buildings For Commercial And Industrial Use

Western Specialty Structures has provided and installed commercial buildings for variety of manufacturing and production facilities across the United States. Our tension fabric buildings have made for innovative event venues, versatile recreation facilities and maintenance facilities for the mining industry.

The team at Western Specialty Structures believes that our steel truss, fabric membrane buildings are the perfect solution for the various needs of the commercial/industrial industry. The acoustic lighting, ventilation and clear span design are key features you will want to consider.

There are several advantages to choosing a tension fabric building from Western Specialty Structures. Just to list a few; we will meet the wind and snow loads requirements for virtually any climate or condition. We provide engineered construction for nearly every unique design and footprint. Our buildings are energy-efficient and allow natural light while eliminating the need for artificial lighting during the day. Even before the installation of HVAC, tension fabric buildings stay more than 10° warmer in the winter and 20° cooler in the summer. Extreme durability is another advantage. The steel trusses in our tensioned fabric structures are typically hot dip galvanized therefore making them resistant to corrosion and rust. This is especially important in the salt and mining industries. Still another advantage is ability to relocate. Although our tension fabric structures are built as solid, permanent structures, they can be easily relocated if necessary.

Depending on the size of your structure, another plus in choosing a tension fabric building is quick installation. WSS buildings are constructed in a third of the time then conventional buildings. We have shorter time lines from ordering to completion thus providing significant savings regarding installation costs.

Have we mention the versatility of foundation options? We have multiple foundation options depending on your need and soil conditions. Our structures can be placed on a diverse choice of foundations including precast concrete blocks, helical anchors, concrete piers or connex containers. Our buildings feature a large clear span area with no center post which in turn provide more applicable space.

Western Specialty Structures has expertise in supplying secure maintenance structures for the mining industry as well as environmental/remediation facilities. Let the team at Western Specialty Structures customize your tension fabric structure to meet your needs.

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